zacharylevis: “They called him Steppenwolf, t…


“They called him Steppenwolf, the End of the Worlds. He lived only to conquer. Millions fell before his blade and rose again… and rose again as his Parademons. Nightmare creatures, who feed on fear. They’re looking for The Mother Boxes.

They don’t contain power. They are power. Carried from planet to planet… The Mother Boxes combined to form the Unity. An apocalyptic power that not only destroys worlds, but transforms them into the primordial hell’s gate of Steppenwolf’s birthworld. We should have died… But we formed our own Unity. Amazons, Atlanteans… All the tribes of man fought side by side. Warriors of legend. Allies from other worlds. Even the gods themselves all acted as one. Laying down their lives to drive Steppenwolf away. Some say it drove him mad, the disgrace of his first retreat. He swore our alliance would crumble. That darkness would cover the Earth… And that he would return when it did.”

JUSTICE LEAGUE, 2017 › dir. Zack Snyder