Batman VS Superman Review

I saw BvS at the cinema today and i’ve come away feeling conflicted.

Let me start off by saying that the only reason I was excited for this movie is because it has Wonder Woman in it. Now don’t get me wrong, I adore Batman and by extension the Bat Family, but the Thomas and Martha Wayne death scene has run its course and – in my opinion – become a cliche within the DC cinematic universe. In all honesty, I could take or leave Superman, he’s just kinda ‘there’ for me. That being said I do have a bias against Superman.

Batman VS Superman is lacking in several areas; the plot, the execution, the character development or lack there of, and the pace of the movie. 

Plot and Execution

One word I would use to describe the plot would be juvenile. It’s top heavy with angst with little to no light hearted humour to break the tension every once in a while. From what I can see DC is trying to capitalise on the success of The Avengers with what they see as a more mature film. However they fall short with a poorly written script and questionable direction on the part of Zack Snyder. 

The movie is jumpy in a way that is both disorienting and annoying . One minute you’re with Batman and the next second you’re with Superman but it could be days later and then you’re jumping to Lex Luthor who is suddenly with Lois and hey is that Martha Kent over there? To put it simply, they tried to show so many characters in such a short amount of time that they all came off shallow.

Character Development

Can’t say too much without giving away spoilers

This was a major falling point for me and many others who have seen the film. It was a great disappointment.

Bruce Wayne/Batman

How to describe this one? In my opinion Ben Affleck did a great job playing Bruce Wayne, when you compare his performance against the last few actors to play Bruce his comes out on top. I say this because not only do we get to see that Bruce can be a kind man but that it isn’t eclipsed by what a giant asshole he can be and that the two don’t cancel each other out.

Batman is a different story. No, thats not totally correct.

Batman is different and not a good way. 

Batman Kills in this movie. Its not an accident, he goes out of his way to kill and torture a few people in this movie. 

Not only that, he uses guns.


Big no no in my book.

Clarke Kent/Superman

Big Blue Boy Scout or Angst Angsty McAngst? 

I’m not gonna lie, Superman didn’t deserve everything he got in this movie, thats not to say that he is totally innocent, but come on? His plot line read like a badly written Fanfiction published in the height of 2007 right alongside a picture that says ‘Don’t call me normal’ in pink sparkly font. that may seem a bit harsh but when you take an iconic character and twist them until they are almost unrecognizable you’re going to cop some bad feed back.

He was sad at the beginning of the movie and sad at the end and he – along with everyone else-didn’t grow as character at all. 

Lex Luthor

Not Lex Luthor™

I had reservations about Jessie Eisenberg playing Lex from the time he was announced. I do like some of his previous films so I had hope but from the moment he stepped on screen I knew that I was right to be worried.

It’s not that he plays the role poorly – far from from it – he did an excellent job portraying what Zack Snyder and producers wanted.

But is that what the audience wants? 

Not so much.

This version of Lex comes off as more of a watered down home brand Joker on a managers special. 

I admit that he does have his quirks but above all else, Lex Luthor is sophisticated. He is well read and one of his greatest attributes is that he is charming. It’s what allows him to have as much power as he does and why people either love him or hate him. He is a salesman and damn good at it.

In BvS Lex Luthor comes off as more of a boy than a man, a boy with his fathers toys and responsibilities. He is grating and can’t seem to get a sentence out properly when in front of a crowd and when he does manage to speak it is nonsensical.

Wonder Woman

Deserved better.

I’m not kidding when i say that the entire cinema cheered when Wonder Woman (Not just Diana) made her first appearance on screen. Everyone was so excited – my self included. 

But I was disappointed as well. Not because she was badly written or portrayed incorrectly – Gal Gadot is a goddess among mortals – but because she had hardly any screen time, and there fore no character development. the amount of time that Wonder Woman was on screen comes to about 5 maybe 10 minutes. 

Thats it.

You do see Diana more than that but it’s still a pitiful amount of time.


I could have gone out, gotten on plane to America, got a table at Olive Garden, overindulge on breadsticks, eat a three course meal, then get back on a plane bound for home and still make it back in time to see Batman and Superman finally start their bro down fight.

It is honestly excruciating how long this movie goes for and how long it takes for anything to actually happen.

It’s slowed down by unnecessary dream sequences, pointless scenery shots of characters walking off into the distance, and a general lack of excitement. there is so much set up that the final execution is so rushed that first 2 hours feel like they go for ten days and the last 30 minutes go by in a flash. 

After seeing this movie it solidifies my opinion that DC does an excellent job when it comes to tv shows. They have time to flesh out their characters and storylines in a such fluid and charming way that it becomes endearing. Some examples of this are; Young Justice, Justice league/Unlimited, Teen Titans, Arrow and The Flash. 

What I took away from this experience, is that people are ready for Female Super Hero movies, and they have been for a long time now. Film makers need to realise this fact and take advantage of it. We are getting a Wonder Woman movie in 2017 which is a wonderful start but why stop there?

Give me Hawkgirl movie, or Black Canary or Vixen or Huntress or Batgirl/Woman/Robin.

Give me a movie like Suicide Squad but with Harley and Poison Ivy only, or one where Black Canary and Harley interact like normal human beings.

All in all, I would give it a 4/10

1 for the special effects which were superb but brought down by the rest of the movie.

3 for Wonder Woman because she was the back bone of this movie for me.

However this is just my opinion, some may the Love it others may hate it. But this is just what I thought.